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Mrs. Alfiani Wulandari
Mom of Mikha and Hanna

My son (Mikha, Primary 2) and daughter (Hanna, K1B) enrolled Cambridge Preschool since they were 3.5 years old. They have different personalities, yet they grow really well in Cambridge. My little girl, Hana, started her first days with crying. However after sometimes she is starting to enjoy school very much.

My son is in his second grade of primary school. He has no big issues in terms of understanding English language, writing or reading. Thanks to Cambridge.

Even though I have never pushed my children to be outstanding at school, I think they are growing naturally based on their age in CDC. I like to see them having friends, playing, having fun and gaining new experiences at school.

Positive points that I have observed in Cambridge are punctuality, good planning and procedures applied in school. It helps children to easily follow the daily routine and instruction. Even though teachers turn over is quite high, I hope Cambridge could maintain its quality.

Good job and keep on giving the best for our children!

Pramita Yuwandari
Mom of Kinanti - N1

A great opportunity for having new family in Cambridge Preschool Depok, a school where an education journey shaping and nurture the students minds and talent.

I put my trust in this school because their pleasant and meaningful education experiences. It could be seen from my little girl, Kinanti (2 years old). She became more humble, cheerful and discipline since joined with this school.

Great thanks for professionalism and care that given from the teacher here. They taught the student with their hearts as well. Another things, all information about the student daily routine is very helpful for me to see the process of learning.

My wish, Cambridge Preschool Depok, would be a great school which as a part of global education citizenships.

Keep up the good work!